Monday, July 27, 2009

Animal School

From the Soul Biographies website:

‘animal school’

The animals sat in a circle. A frog and a dog. A cat and a mouse.
And assorted friends of different sizes.

The small girl spoke excitedly as her well loved collection of toys faced one another.

‘They’re at school. Night school’ she laughed.

‘They’re learning how to read & to write, and to pour tea for each other. And to grow peas. And to make useful things.

And the dog is trying to love the cat, and the mouse is trying to love the snake. Even though he hasn’t got any legs, and can be a bit grumpy in the morning.

And then they’re all going to learn how to dance and to sing. Together. And to make each other laugh, and be happy.’

And as the possibility of such a school lived in her imagination, its probability lived in the world.